Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Courtney celebrated her 2nd birthday with 3 other of her 2 year old friends (Ainslee, Jessica, and tate) and of course her sister, Sydney. We also let the boys come home from school for 45 minutes to enjoy Courtney's party.We played games, ate donuts, jumped on the trampoline, and played with toys. It was very fun. The cutest was when Courtney opened her presents. I had given her a pink trunk full of baby clothes, bottles...etc...When she opened the present, her face became real serious and then she started running up the stairs saying, "I have to get my baby" -It was priceless to see her so excited!
I can hardly believe she is 2 years old already. I love that I am her mom-I cherish her everyday-especially her smile and laugh!

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mom said...

i am speechless. courtney you are just a doll. looking more like your mom everyday. brings back so many memories, especially seeing the girls love dolls like you did stace.