Thursday, March 6, 2008

Aunt Susie and Cousin Jennie came to visit

okay...I am sad...I just realized I only took these pictures while Aunt Susie and Cousin Jennie were visiting. I did not even get one shot of Jennie :(
Anyway, we had a really nice time hanging out with them. We appreciate that they came to see us. The boys were especially excited that they got to show off in their basketball games for Susan and Jennie.

The girls are posing with their dog purses. Courtney got this one from Aunt Susie a few months ago and then Sydney got this new one from Aunt Susie during her visit. The girls love to be spoiled by her. The boys loved all the strawberry frapachinos (spelling?) they were able to enjoy courtesy of Aunt Susie.

Jennie spoiled us all with a Jamba Juice-Yum! Yum!

Aunt Susie went to Sydney's Valentine party at school and helped Courtney decorate a cookie.

Mostly we just hung out and visited. If you ask Susan what remembers most about the trip,she would probably comment on the number of times we went to target.

Oh and by the way. I am out of order with this one. They actually visited before Chris and Rikki....oops!!


Tracy said...

So cute! I love seeing your pictures.

mom said...

how fun.

Kellie said...

Stacey my friend! I've found you at last! Your kids are big and beautiful. I loved reading about them and catching up. My blog is at
I hope you come by and visit!
Kellie Nuss (you were my visiting teacher when Savage Mill ward was first formed)