Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blake at the Pinewood Derby

Blake's car was designed to look like a skateboard. He was a little disapointed that he did not win most creative again this year. However, he did take first place in one of his heats and he faired out in the middle of the pack for overall times. Blake's friend Jake said, "You come with dreams and spirit and leave crushed" we all got a laugh out of that!

I have to say I felt extremely nervous when he first tried to weigh in his car. It weighed in at almost 2 pounds and needed to be at 5 pounds. We had to add 37 pennies, two quarters and 2 nickles to have it weigh in at 5 pounds. Not to worry Blake because we have big hopes for next year!

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Tracy said...

Oh, how old our boys are that they're in scouts! I can't believe you have to add so many coins! That's so funny. Good luck next time!