Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tanner...."The force to be reckened with"

Tanner with 2 of his best buds-Josh Morris and Drew Baller-celebrating a great game and great season!

The kid has hops! (Blake captured this fabulous picture)
Tanner loves basketball-you can see it on his face at all the practices and games. He has excellent ball handling skills and moves. He can shoot from all around the perimeter or dribble in for the soft layup. He is an unselfish player who made many great passes to his teammates. He is blessed with great talent and an especially humble dispositon. I am so proud of him!

Mike and his great assistant coach, John Baller, coached the team to a 10 wins 2 loss season. They did a great job coaching! Mike truely enjoyed the time he spent with the boys.

The girls and I were his biggest fans!!


Tracy said...

You have two studly athletes!

mom said...

Tanner you are the man to. I love the picture of the 4 of them, they look so cute and happy.