Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh what fun we had on the field trips

Sydney's preschool had two field trips in one day. First, we went to Inta Juice to see how our favorite smoothies are made. We got to tour the back room which included going into the freezer (3 degrees). We got to see ourselves on the security camera (Syd loved this) and then watch the smoothie being made. The best part was we got to try one!

After Ina juice we went to Boston's to make our own personal pan pizza. Sydney loved doing this as she loves to help me cook. The pizza she made was delicious!

In this picture is her really great friend, Grace McConkie. We brought her with us and Courtney stayed home with Grace's mom, Wendy. It was nice to be able to focus on this time with Sydney. Courtney had a great time learning where her arm pit is with Wendy :-)


Tracy said...

What a big girl! I'd love to have her over for a play date!

mom said...

Sydney you are quite the little helper and cook. those big o gloves had to be a little hard to wear. i bet your pizza was delicious..