Monday, April 7, 2008

Courtney Allyson Giles

I wanted to share some thoughts about my precious little two year old, Courtney Allyson Giles. I am blessed beyond measure to have such a sweet baby girl. I really cannot believe how quickly 2 years has passed. I have loved every precious moment of her life. I especially cherish the time we have together before bed, as I rock her and enjoy sharing with her special memories of the day we spent together. Her gentle little spirit is full of such enjoyment for the simple things. She loves to show me on her wall how the giraffe licks the pole with his tongue (she doesn't really lick the wall) and how much the peacock, with his big beautiful feathers, liked her. She shares fondness about her brothers and sister. She talks about bunnies she had noticed outside the restaurant window.
I love that I am the one that understands her every word. I love her soft sweet voice and funny expressions. I beg her to repeat over and over again, "it's otay mommy!" and "tourtney needs mommy" and Mommy hold you me?!" and "I not baby-I tourtney (with her irresistible smile on her face) and "tank you"
I love that she is so quick to forgive and so willing to say sorry.
I love that she loves to read stories to me and always gets me to play chase with her every night as I am trying to put on her pajamas.
I love that she loves to carry around her purse and fill it with every girl thing she can find (or borrow from Sydney).
I feel amazing gratitude for her and cherish every breath she takes! I love her deeply with all my heart and soul!!!


mom said...

Courtney your name is as beautiful as you are. Those beautiful eyes of yours tells it all. Pink is your color. I love yor haircut.

jenjamin said...

I can see why you love her so! You truely are blessed and so is she to have a sweet mama like you!

Mendy said...

I'm so glad you got to have a child who resembles you more than Mike! Courtney is such a sweetie; I wish I knew her better.

Scarlett said...

wow mommy, this is such a sweet post. These are moments you can't ever get back, so enjoying them conciously makes it last a little longer. She's sweet, just like you! hugs.

Tracy said...

What a sweet girl you have. I wish you were closer so our girls could play together!

Anonymous said...

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