Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We really do feel very loved when anyone comes to see us. We have been blessed to have lots of visitors over the past 2 1/2 years. Our most recent guests were Mike's oldest sister, Shelly, her husband and 4 children (Jared, Jake, Rachael and Josh). John and Sharon (Mike's parents) hoped in with them and made the trip as well. We had a really great time while they were here. The boys loved playing some basketball with their cousins. Sydney loved having Rachael sleep in her room with her. Courtney wanted Grandpa all the time (sorry Grandma)

We went to Colorado Springs for the day and enjoyed Garden of the Gods and the Zoo. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries before I could take any pictures at the zoo. We had a really great time with the Girafe's )Courtney still shows me how the girafe's have really long tongues. She loved that the peecock followed her around. She talks about how stinky the monkey house was. She loved being inside the bird house and watching them land on sticks feeding on bird seed. It really was a great day and is a really fun Zoo.

It was also really fun for Courtney that everyone arrived on her birthday!

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mom said...

very nice picture of mikes family. eveybody looks so happy and enjoying the fun day.