Monday, April 7, 2008

Blake is 2 digits!!

We celebrated Blake's birthday this past Saturday. The day started out great for him with breakfast in bed. A great flag football practice and game. A yummy lunch and all chocolate birthday cake. We then drove an hour to Tanner's baseball tournament where Blake became very very ill. He spent the remainder of his birthday sicker than I have ever seen him. It broke my heart to see him so sick and especially on his birthday. Mike gave him two priesthood blessings. Finally, after the second one (3:00a.m) he was able to sleep.
We tried to make it up to him and took him to PF Chang's for his favorite Chinese food. I forgot to take my camera, to capture the sweet smiling face of a boy who re-discovered food. We had a really nice time as a family. Lots of laughs, smiles, and good old fashioned cherished time together. He has a birthday party scheduled for this Wednesday. I will keep you posted.


mom said...

Blake i cant believe you are 10 already..You are such a joy to be around. You are so hansome and have such a nice smile. Sorry to hear you were sick on your birthday, darn being sick is no fun.

Mendy said...

Happy Birthday to Blakey! I can't believe he is ten. How sad that he got so so sick on his birthday.

amberlamb said...

poor kid! not a very fun way to spend your birthday!!!!