Sunday, June 29, 2008


This past Saturday I got the wonderful pleasure of visiting with 4 friends from High School. My dear sweet friend, Lori Bell, emailed me to tell me that she, Darvel, Brice, and Luke would be in the Denver area. I also found out at the time that Tim and Robin lived only 20 minutes away from us. Robin hosted a barbecue get together on Saturday so that we could all catch up. It was so exciting and fun to see them and their beautiful children. Robin and Tim have a really fun back yard and because they were such wonderful hosts, we all really enjoyed ourselves. It is so strange to think back to how long ago we were together in school. Everyone seemed the same but just a little wiser. I hope to see Robin and Tim soon, since we are living so close to one another. I also really hope I will be in closer contact with Lori. We had a treasured friendship in high school and it was so easy to feel connected to her again.
On no! I just realized our 20 year reunion is only 3 years away-I am feeling quite old all of a sudden.


Mendy said...

How fun that you got to visit with friends from high school! Did they all recognize their Homecoming Queen? I bet they said you were as beautiful as ever!

Tracy said...

Love your new blog look. I heard you are looking different. Where's some pictures?

mom said...

wow stacey that is nice you got to see your highschool buddies. I bet they have changed some, course you still look as beautiful as you did 20 yrs ago.