Sunday, June 29, 2008

Syd Jo turns 5!

This past Wednesday, Sydney turned 5. I can hardly believe that she will be leaving me in a couple of months to go to kindergarten. It seems like just yesterday I was able to hold my sweet baby girl in my arms and celebrate her life. We had an instant love affair and have cherished every day together since. I remember thinking how fun it would be to teach her all the "lady like" attributes but she is the one who reminds me of my divine role as a lady.
Sydney continues to impress me with her poise and zest for life. She is amazing beyond her years. She listens and then thoughtfully thinks about what is said. She is dignified and respectful with others. She stands tall and sticks by her decisions. She is a kind friend and cherishes relationships. She is loving and caring in her words and actions. She can be stubborn but asserts herself with confidence and reason. She is curious about everything and takes the time to find its relevance.
She loves all things that shimmer and shine. She reminds me often that we need to celebrate the wonderful blessing and many opportunities of being a girl. She helps me to remember to enjoy beautiful things whether it is a gorgeous flower or a cute pair of earrings.
She loves her sister and brothers very much and tries to please them in all she can. She takes on her role of big sister to Courtney with pride. She thinks it is fun to help her sister and loves to teach her new things.
I am so blessed to have such a sweet spirit. I tell her often that, "The beauty she carries inside her makes her already beautiful face sparkle like a diamond." She smiles at me when I say it and it my heart melt.

We had a wonderful day together celebrating her birthday. She got breakfast in bed as is our tradition. Only, it was especially fun this time because we had to wake her up. Usually, whomever is celebrating the birthday is awake and waiting. So after breakfast she opened her presents. She loved the barbie lap top and really thinks it is just like her dads. She got an American doll trundle bed, which she is excited to invite her friend Grace and her new doll over for a sleepover. She also got a styling chair for her American doll and loves to pretend to be a real hair stylist.
After presents we got ready and met dad for lunch at the Park Meadows food court. We all shared some pizza, Chinese, and a Philly cheese steak sandwich. After lunch, Mike went back to work and we went to work shopping. We had a great time looking at all the deals and adorable girl outfits. We loved going up and down the escalator a few times. We shopped through Courtney's nap and then finished in time to pick the boys up from basketball camp. After Tanner's baseball game that evening we went out to eat at Applebees. Sydney had actually picked Chili's but Applebees had .99 kid meals that evening so we persuaded her to change the destination. It was fun to be together as a family, the food was good and we got home very late. It was a full day for the birthday girl. We plan to have a party in the next couple of weeks with her friends as her birthday week was crazy busy, her brothers were at camp all day, and her best friend was out of town., I will update you on the happenings of the party in the near future.


Kellie said...

I have such sweet memories of little Sydney as a baby. She's a beautiful little girl now.

jenjamin said...

You are such a sweet mama! I am so glad you shred those tender things about Sydney.

susan said...

Wow! I can't believe she is 5 all ready. I remember when she was born. Time sure flies.

Olivia really enjoyed having fun with Sydney while we up there visiting. She is still talking about Stacey camp next year!

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mom said...

Sydney Jo you are so beautiul. Already you are going to school. I know you will do good and your teacher will just love you. Your mom will not get bored as cute little coutney will keep her busy. Also she is all girl and will want your mom to paint her toes with your fingernail polish.

mom said...

Happy to hear you has such a nice birthday Sydney Jo. You and Courtney look really great in your sunglasses.