Sunday, June 29, 2008

My 7 (or maybe 9) Quirks

Kristin tagged me and I have been trying to think of my quirks the past few days. I must having trouble coming up with them so I guess I must not be a very quirky person. Here goes nothing..................

1. I do not like anything to touch my feet if they are dry. This also means that I cannot hardly walk on them if they are dry, especially at the pool.
2. I, sort of like Kristin, have to have something over some part of my body when I sleep.
3. I have this weird sensation with my neck sometimes and have to have something (like a sheet or my hand) between my chin and the top of my sternum-Not sure if that make sense, so you can ask me later if you are confused.
4. I never do things in a logical sequential order. For example: If I start cleaning out the refrigerator, I would never finish it all before I moved to something else and then back to it. I really think my brain has a little glitch in it or I am just extremely unorganized.
5. I like to eat the entire orange (peel and all.)
6. I have to fall asleep on the side facing away from my husband (or whomever happens to be sleeping with me. )
7. I am still thinking about this one.

I now tag Shannon Beckstead, Whitney Henwood, and Julie Morrison


Jenni said...

Wow, I am amazed by the eating a whole orange one! This was a fun list to read!! Oh and I have to mention that it's going to be so fun to live close to you guys again!!:)

jenjamin said...

#7 You don't like to eat white things.... ie salad dressing, mayo etc.

BTW The reason you can't get a job done all in one bang is because you stop to go play with your kids or paint little girls finger nails or help out a friend.... nope no glitches there :)

Mendy said...

I'll never forget the first time I saw you eat an orange peel. I couldn't believe that there was someone else besides my husband who does that!