Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camping in Estes Park for the Fourth of July

We had a really really great time camping in Estes Park. We enjoyed the company of many of our friends from our ward. We arrived at our campsite on Wednesday evening and stayed until Saturday morning.

We ventured on a 6 mile hike which included daddy carrying Courtney and Sydney in the backpack for quite a long ways. I was proud of our perseverance and enjoyed the entire hike.

We also road a gondola up to a beautiful lookout. At the top we were greeted by chipmunks whom we fed peanuts right out of our hand. The chipmunk's particularly liked Courtney to feed them and this made the other sweet children of mine a little annoyed. It was so fun to do!

We also played at a family fun center where we road long racing slides, drove go carts, and sprayed each other until we were soaked on the bumber boats.

We watched a great fireworks display over the lake in Estes Park. I have to say it was the best fireworks we have seen since we left Maryland. We were spoiled in the past by the Nations capitol fireworks, Baltimore inner Harbor, and surrounding city competitors. I guess you could say that we are firework snobs and are finally semi satisfied.

We truly had a grand time camping and the best part has been the many many discussions Courtney has had with me about our trip. She loved all of it! She loved that we had to hurry in the tent at night so that the bears would not get us. She reminds us how we would zip up the windows and doors so that the bears would not get in. She loved that we all slept together in sleeping bags and put our jamma's on to do it. Lately she keeps saying that she wants to go shopping again. I finally figured out that she was thinking shopping was camping. So we will have to plan another adventure for her. Maybe we will set up the tent in the backyard and see if she is fooled????

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mom said...

haha your backyard would not be as much fun, i don't think.