Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This past week we were in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to compete in the world series for Tanner's baseball team. We were lucky enough to enjoy our stay with our friends, Brian and Lisa Mulligan. Lisa's parents own a home in Steamboat and were gracious enough to allow us to stay in it. We so loved spending time with them as they are truly treasured friends. We also loved the gorgeous house and all it's comforts.
While in Steamboat we were able to ride the alpine slide. Sydney road with me and loved it fast and furious, which was okay by me.
Our next enjoyment was tubing down the Yampa river. This was so so much fun. Of course the first time I was a wee bit nervous because I had Syd and Court in my tube. Because I am not a great swimmer, I was really nervous for their safety. Courtney was unsure most of the ride while Sydney only got worried after she fell off the tube. If you ask Courtney about the experience she says "it was scary and then not scary and then scary again" So the second time, my dear sweet friend, Lisa offered to keep the little ones so that I could get the full experience of it. Sydney and Courtney went along with this and this opportunity was a double bonus because Courtney got a great nap. At the end of our ride was a 2 foot rapid which we enjoyed many times before leaving the river. One time we each tried going over it with just our life jackets and no tube. While this was fun, the best was when Blake, Tanner, Mike and I all went down on the tube together. It was a recipe for disaster and I have never laughed so hard. Of course we tipped over and we all went underwater, but it was totally great. It was so completely fun and is a memory I will never forget. I do not think Tanner will forget it either as he was pinned under water for a bit of time. When he resurfaced he looked around and realized that he saw everyone except Blake. He asked in the most loving voice if Blake was okay and was quickly reassured when he finally saw him. Usually, the mom in me would of been scared by the whole thing but I enjoyed it all so much and never believed anyone to be in real danger. It was an exhilarating laugh of complete enjoyment.
We also enjoyed the hot tub in the backyard many times. The first day the kids were in it by 7:00 a.m.
We went on a short hike to Fish Creek Falls and saw a gorgeous waterfall.
oh ya....we also had a great time watching lots of baseball. Tanner had 7 games while we were in town. They were silver bracket champions and showed that they could hang with many teams across the western United States. Tanner had his first triple of the season. He played awesome the entire week and we were very proud of him.


Tracy said...

What fun! Those are great family pictures. I can't believe how old everyone looks! (except for you & Mike) We miss you. How fun that you get to have the Andersons moving close to you. It'll be nice for you to have Jenni, but we'll miss her. You all need to just come back!

jenjamin said...

That looks so fun. You are just the sweetest little family and I love ya. We miss you guys!

amberlamb said...

so fun!!! We need to go and do that! my kids would love it!

mom said...

the picture is beautiful. sounds like you all enjoyed steamboat springs. wow tan man really showed his talent at the games, sounds like. good for you tanner, we all knew you would do well.