Friday, August 8, 2008

1 day of off work+ 36 hours of reading=$35.00 and a full day of fun

Mike took off work on Friday, the kids each read 12 hours to earn free passes to Elich Gardens, and The day we went worked out to be half price day for Mike and I. So we only spent $35.00 for our whole family to enjoy the park for 12 hours. I am quite literal about the 12 hours. We got to the park right after it opened and then stayed for the Carnival De Feugo show after it closed. We were feeling guilty because it was the night before the kids went back to school. The guilt only lasted a few seconds when we decided they could rest up over the weekend and what do you really learn on the first day anyway....right?

We had a great time together and felt like we got to go on most of the rides. Blake and Tanner took me on the Tower of Doom after they first rode it with Mike. I really loved do it even thought it was so so so scary! I think the going up really slow and really high and then waiting to be dropped was much worse than the actual drop.
Tanner also rode with me on the Edge ride which is a water ride where you are on a double tube and then pushed off the edge of the 90 degree slide that carries you to the top of the other side and then down again and again until you funnel through an opening and into open water. I screamed the whole time but it is okay because I had warned Tanner to be ready for me to scream.
Blake also took me on the twister roller coaster. It included hiking up a million stairs until you were higher than you could imagine and then right way dropping down and into a loop and then straight up to the top again. At the top you wait and then do it all backwards. It was also very scary!
We also went on a big raft ride where I ended up backwards the whole time until the end and finally Tanner could see why backward was so scary. Courtney loved the big raft ride that you go down and then cause a huge wave to come over the top of you. She loved telling us that she was "soaking wet" and then because the line was short she was thumbs up to go again. Mike and the boys hit some more crazy rides including the mind eraser and a huge skateboard that spun you in circles while it went back and forth in a half pipe all while you were standing up. Sydney, Courtney, and I tried out some kiddie rides. One of which was a roller coaster that we found out neither I or Blake could go on it with them (found this out after waiting in a very long hot line) so I made Sydney (much to her sadness) so that Courtney could go. I really cannot believe that I buckled my crying 5 year old and little 2 year old into a very fast roller coaster. I really did think that they would love it and be glad I insisted. Instead Sydney was really upset and Courtney looked at me like I had tricked her. It was a sad mommy moment. :(
We ate our lunch back at the Sequoia and man did those sandwiches, chips, red balls (grapes), apple slices, and rice Krispie treats taste good. We also watched a couple of shows, played in the wave pool, relaxed in the lazy river, and played in the ball house. We had a wonderful day together and really felt as though we had enjoyed every last day of our summer together.

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mom said...

Congratulations to all 4 who read all those books. happy to hear you all had a fun day.