Sunday, December 23, 2007

we just call him "Bank"

Our dear sweet little "bakey" is a all about the money. He counts his money daily and exchanges denominations periodically at the bank. Sometimes he is in the mood for a couple large bills and lots of dollar bills. Other times he is in the mood for lots of little money and no large bills. He will not spend it for anything. He will loan it to you if you must but, reminds you constantly to pay him back. Thankfully, he recently just put all his cash into the bank after Our Bishop told him about a devastating flood his family had endured when he was about his age. Blake did like hearing about the possibility of his money being washed down to river if a flood suddenly came through our house. Mike and I were relieved to know he put the money in a much safer place. Although, we miss having our bank to borrow from.


mom said...

blake sure likes flashing that money. good idea putting it in the bank till you can spend it on something special.(besides he worked hard for some of that money rubbing uncle kurts feet).

Tracy said...

Alec has a cup of money I'm always borrowing from too. He keeps a running tab. Except unlike Blake, Alec will spend it if I let him. Blakes hair is so long!

Deb said...

how funny! my brother was like that, but he liked coins, so he could stack them and sift them through his fingers. :)

how fun you have a blog, stacey! i'll have to send you an invite to ours!

deb hirschi :)