Sunday, December 23, 2007

Off to see Santa and ride the train

Our community Association puts together a Santa visit every year. This particular year they also included a train for the kids to ride around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, Mike was waiting for Courtney to wake up from a nap (I was with Sydney at the Disney Princess on Ice Show) so they arrived as it was ending. They did not get to sit on Santa's lap, but they did get to see him drive away in his SUV (while talking on his cell phone). The train conductor was nice enough to give them a ride before he began to put it away. They also got to see a real reindeer. Afterward, they went sledding down Chaparral hill. Mike told me he took Courtney down the hill on
his lap and allowed her to ride down with Blake. If you could only see how steep this hill is then you would understand how panicked this made me feel. He said that she really

enjoyed herself and kept wanting to do it. This still did not make me relax about it. And even though he tried to convince me that she is our high adventure baby ...Dad was on the couch that night:)

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mom said...

sounds like a fun day they had.