Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thanksgiving in Pahrump

My sweet sister, Dana, captured this wonderful memory of the past Thanksgiving. We spent it at my parents home in Pahrump, Nevada. All my sisters, brother-in-laws, my Aunt Barbra, my cousin Blair and his best friendand almost all of my nieces and nephews were together. (We were missing Ramsey, Ricki, and Amed).
My parents sweet little house was just perfect for the occasion. The food could not of been more delicious. Spending time together as a family is what this special day of Thanksgiving is all about. We enjoyed plenty of great conversation and catching up.
Not to take away from any of our previous Thanksgivings because they are always such a special time but, this just topped them all. I am so glad we each came to celebrate together. I Love you all very much!!!!


mom said...

this was a wonderful thanksgiving to have all my family together. it was along way for all to travel and all returned home safely. the food was great, but with 4girls doing the cooking made it taste even better. blake, tanner, sydney, and courtney couldnt have been cuter with all the adults and their grown up cousins. hope we can all get together again.

Jenni said...

I love big family get-togethers and it sure looks like your Thanksgiving was a big one!:) So glad you had a lovely time!

Tracy said...

I miss my family so much this time of year. So glad you were able to be with yours!

Scarlett said...

How nice to read up and catch up to what's been going on in your lives! I am so anxious to reconnect with you. You have a huge family and the kids are so big and cute! I don't know why the image that stays in our minds is when the kids were little! They do have to grow sometime! hugs.