Sunday, September 23, 2007

Too Smart!

My dear sweet Courtney is too smart. The other day she came into the kitchen and said, "C'mon." She then motioned for me to follow her into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she stood in front of the toilet (fully clothed) and leaned her bottom up against the front of the toilet. After she finished her business in her diaper, she put two pieces of toilet paper in the toilet, flushed the toilet and said "All done." She then said "hands" so I could help her wash her hands. It was so funny and cute. I really think that in her mind she had done it just like it is suppose to be done.


Mendy said...

This story was even cute the second time! This picture of Courtney really shows off her striking eyes. What a beauty!

Tracy said...

What a big girl! She's so young to be doing her business in the potty! I guess it's time for another one.:) Tell Mike to get busy.

mom said...

i cant believe how much she looks like you when you was her age. courtney you are so beautiful.