Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting Started

Well.... I better just start writing and see where it takes me. My dear friend Mendy Hunter helped me set up my blog a few months ago and until now I have yet to post anything. Not any longer the case.

Here is an update on my family: Blake is playing competitive soccer. He plays either goalie or defender (I believe that is the name of the position) Anyway, he is playing mostly defense these days. He takes on each game with a NOT ON MY WATCH attitude and it shows. He gives it his all in both body and spirit. I also love to watch him encourage his teammates both in failure and triumph. He is a natural leader and athlete.

Blake is loving 4th grade. He has an especially wonderful teacher. After attending Back to school night I could see why he respects her so much. She genuinely loves to teach and truly believes in her students abilities and reaching their goals. I think he is going to have a great year and I expect him to learn much. Of course Pine Grove (his elementary school) is top notch. It is an amazingly wonderful institution.

When Blake is not at school, doing his homework, or at soccer practice he loves to hang out with friends. He has lots of friends and together they enjoy skateboarding, biking, and playing any and every sport. He also loves to count his stash of money. He presently has $200.00 in 1 dollar bills that he keeps in the pocket of his robe. It kills Mike that he does not have it in the bank earning interest. It kills me that he loans it to me all the time willingly but constantly reminds me to pay him back. He does not like to spend his money. Hopefully this will serve him well throughout life.

Tanner is loving First grade. He also has a wonderful teacher. He is doing fantastic in every way. His reading is improving rapidly as well as his confidence. He especially loves to have two real recesses where he can play kickball, four square, basketball, and soccer. All the girls seem to think he is cute and of course he has his list of cute girls he likes to talk about. He has lots and lots of buddies in his class and on the other tracks. When he is not at school he is playing fall baseball and flag football. He is a natural athlete and is good at whatever he plays. This season in baseball he is being introduced to kid pitch. He has pitched one inning and has played some first, second, third , and catcher positions. He doesn't seem to have a favorite position as he loves all of them. He loves all sports!!!

Tanner is also starting to get the hang of skateboarding. He has decided that his board is too slow and would like a new board for his birthday or Christmas. So for now Blake lets him use his nice element board.

Sydney had her first day of preschool this past Tuesday. She was unsure for about 1 minute and then loved every other minute of it. She has a very fun teacher names Mrs. Julie. Sydney will go for 2 1/2 hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The rest of the time she gets to hang out with her little sister and mom. She is the sweetest big sister and totally tries to mother her. She is always available with open arms when Courtney gets hurt or discouraged over something. They are the best of friends and it warms my heart.

Sydney has decided she would like to play some basketball and soccer instead of taking dance again. So we will sign her up for some classes through the Parker Recreation Center.
Sydney is all about the accessories. She loves purses, necklaces, bracelets, shoes, stylish clothes, hair clips, etc... She is all girl with a flare of her brothers in her. She is positively confident in herself and shows this through her poise. She is strong spirited and determined. I love spending time with her while Courtney is napping in the afternoons. We often play house or do crafts.

Courtney is oh too sweet and wonderful. She has lots to say and says everything so cute. My heart melts when I hear her say words like chip, towel, Sydney, Tanner, Blake, open, do it, thank you, uh huh, pretty, and many more. She has the blondest hair and will sometimes let me sneak a pretty in it.

Courtney loves to follow her sister around. She loves to swing and slide. She loves to ride in the stroller and bike trailer. She especially loves to take baths which works out to be about 2 a day, because she gets so incredibly messy when she eats.

I am excited to have time with just her while Sydney is at preschool. I am sure I will be tempted to run errands sometimes but, even that is special because of how good natured she is.


Mendy said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Welcome, fun blogging friend. I am so happy to read your first post. Glad your kiddies are doing well. I can't believe that Syd Jo is choosing sports over dance; maybe she really is your daughter after all.

Tracy said...

Yeah!! I hope you find the blogging bug like I did. It's so fun to keep in touch this way, sharing stories and pictures (hint) Sounds like you're doing great out there, but you know you're always welcome back here!

Jenni said...

Stacey!! I found your blog on Mendy's blog roll and I'm so glad you're blogging!! Glad everything is going so well!! Your little Courtney sounds like a doll! Can't wait to read your future posts and I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll! :) (oh, BTW my blog is, if you'd like to visit:))

mom said...

stacey i love this blog you are doing. your dad is enjoying it to.