Sunday, September 23, 2007

This was taken on the first day of school. In front of Pine Grove Elementary. Blake was excited to be back at school with his buddies and new Teacher, Mrs. Lucus. He seemed so mature as he headed into the fourth grade. Tanner was all smiles as he was thinking mostly about how fun recess would be and a little concerned about what first grade would be like.
I cried like a baby as my Tanner began his first full day at school. It just seemed like yesterday I was sending Blake to school for his first full day. Man how time flies..........when you are having fun (of course)


Mendy said...

Even though I saw it with my own eyes, I cannot believe how big your kids are getting--especially Blakester!

Tracy said...

I hate how all our kids are leaving us all day long. The baby time with them went by way too fast!

mom said...

i love the picture. they look so happy going to school.