Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas was wonderful

Christmas this year was sweet and simple. We stayed home and spent our Christmas eve making our yummy Navajo tacos. We also had yummy apple Carmel dip (from our friends-the Mulligan's), and yummy cream cheeses dip (From the Larsen's). The kids opened a gift (actually 2 because they also opened their pajama's from sweet Aunt Susie and Uncle Kurt). We read from Mathew in the scriptures. We sprinkled reindeer food outside for Santa's reindeer and made sure the cookies were set out. But, mostly we spent quality time together enjoying the wonderful gift of family. Because we enjoy each other so much it comes very easily for us.

Christmas morning was magical. Blake then Tanner then Sydney woke up. Mike nudged me to listen to their sweet little voices whisper excitement about seeing the stockings by the tree. After a bit they came in to tell us that they could see the stockings by the tree and so they knew Santa had come. They were trying hard to be very patient as we waited for Courtney to wake up. It took about 30 more minutes for her to wake up and then we all ran downstairs full of eagerness. Blake especially loved his bb gun and chauncy Billups jersey, Tanner especially loved his sweet baseball bat and webkin, Sydney was elated to get a robe and slippers, and Courtney did not need to go any further then her purple phone and pretend "real" vacuum, Mom was elated to see that dad had listened to her want for a robe, and dad seemed happy with his new "holeless" dress socks.

Ounce we had opened presents, we had cinnamon rolls and scones. They were delicious as dad had made a yummy honey butter to put on top of the scones. Mom cheated and made rodes cinnamon rolls (still feel guilty).

We played a game of Monopoly where I (mike might argue that he-because he stepped in at the very end) beat Blake.

We hung out all day in our pajamas all day. We made a homemade orange/lemon chicken for lunch. Mostly, we just enjoyed eachother all day.

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