Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trip to Vail

Our kind friends, Rachael and Shawn invited us to stay in their time share condo with them. We stayed for 2 nights. It was such a beautiful time to be in the mountains. We had a really great time exploring the area. We hiked to Hanging Lake (shown above) and also tried to get to an old Tunnel. The crazy lighting storm/snow blizzard prevented us from reaching the final destination. However, we had a great time 4 wheeling up the mountain side and exposing ourselves to every weather element trying.
Even our drive back home was an adventure as we almost ran out of gas going over Vail pass. But, don't worry we safely coasted down the entire mountain pass in neutral and into the gas station which was thankfully located at the bottom of the mountain.

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jenjamin said...

hip hip hooray for new photos. You all are the darnedest cute family I have ever seen! You look beautiful too! I can resize that header photo for ya if you want. Not that I don't LOVE it life size, but I just though I would through that out there. Call me if you want me to do that. Hope you are enjoying your fall. Miss you!