Friday, January 25, 2008

A winter wonderland of fun

We had such a great time riding the snowmobiles with Aunt Jodi and Uncle Eric. The kids took turns on the back of Eric and then took turns on the kid snowmobile. Mom got to drive Eric's snowmobile and even took dad for a ride on the back of her. Aunt Jodi even went for a ride. Since it was New Year's Eve day we ended our day with a night of fun at Grandma and Grandpa Giles. We really enjoyed our full day together. We love you all so much!!


mom said...

wow look at all that snow. amazing to see those boys driving that snowmobile. jodi and mike shows me just how cold it was there.

Tracy said...

Holy cow! That looks so cold! How fun to ride on the snow. Alec would've loved that!

amberlamb said...

That looks like so much fun!!!